Tuesday, April 05, 2016



Childish, annoying and technological

Brother of Sophie and Taryn
Son of Jade
Lover of Youtube, soccer and animals
Who fears heights, bees and water.
Who needs Teddy, family and chili.
Who wishes for actual friends, a happy life and a good computer.
Who would like to see Jacksepticeye.
Who gives Headaches to my family, anger to my family and time to play soccer.
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand

This is my biopoem, in it we had to have things about our selves, I love Youtube so I put some things in there about Youtube!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


My Best Learning

This is my Letter To Chris:



Dear Chris,

Thank you for coming on camp and taking the time off work to help us. You were the best  parent there! Thanks for taking time off work to stay 2 nights and 3 days with us!

You were an awesome driver and I liked how you were funny in the car!

My favourite part on camp was the riverwalk. It was really fun because I loved the deep parts. The fast currents were scary though, even more scary when they were deep!
My cabin was a very unfitting cabin because the mattresses were very heavy, I had to turn mine over at the second night because it was very very bumpy and it was hard to sleep!

The food at camp was AMAZING. It was so delicious. I loved the Macaroni and Cheese!
You were very funny when we were eating at Weka. You were cool at Omatua with your

Thank you so much for coming on our camp this year.

Yours Sincerely,
Taylor Cooper

I am proud of this because I worked hard on this and it my best piece of writing this year!

My biggest challenge was taking forever because I had no ideas for what to write and nearly having to stay in at morning tea to finish it! It was frustrating trying to remember.

This is my iPROUD,
I did this for can do.
I added my letter for this task, we had to add a task that we were proud of, then we had to put why we were proud of it then we had to put our biggest challenge.
You can see mine above!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My favourite game!

Most people know my favourite game but if you don't it is MINECRAFT!

In Minecraft you have your own skins and this is mine:

Minecraft is a blocks game and you can not have any other types of shapes other than squares!
This is my favourite game because you can get is on any device but not Chromebooks because they don't support it!

I am in a Minecraft Club, it is at Havelock North Libary on Mondays at 3:30 till 4:30.
This is fun because I get to play with lots of people who like the game.

The Ender Dragon is a dragon in the end and you need an end portal to get there, but I am not going to get into that right now!

Here is the link to the Minecraft Website.
Thank you for coming onto my post and reading it.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Review

This is my book review,
in this task we had to  describe our favourite book in this template!
There was 3 levels that you could write in there was level 1 which is most year 4 students and some year 5 students.
Next there was level 2 which was most year 5 students, some year 4 students and a few of year 6 students!
Finally there is level 3, that is the level I am on as you see on my book review picture.
The level 3 is most of the year 6 students and one or two year 5 students!

I like Harry Potter it is my favourite book that is why I made it my book review!
I'm blogging it because I loved this task so much I would love to another one!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

First Post Of 2016

Hello my name is Taylor, I am a year 6 and 10 year old boy in Rimu Hub, Parkvale School.
I am blogging because I was told to do this.
My interests are Football (Soccer), Video games (example: Minecraft, Call of duty Black ops 3 and Rocket League) and playing with my sister!

My family is made up of 7 people they are: Me(Taylor), Sophie(My 5 year old Sister), Jade(Mum),               Robert(Poppa), Kerry(Nana), Flur(Great-Nana, She is dead) and Taryn(My 8 Year old Sister, She is Dead).
I also have some friends, I have 2 at this school who are Brayden and Rory and 2 at intermediate who are James and Connor!

I like literacy and writing they are both really fun!
We have buddy reading and we also have group boxes too, mine is 30+.
Rimu is fun to be in, we have lots of fun activities!

I am looking forward to a great year this year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

RWC Trailer

This is my RWC trailer,
I had to make a trailer about the RWC and I did it with my friends,
James, Brayden and Tyler!

RWC Task

Rugby World Cup Independent Tasks- Choose at least 3

Task 6
Choose a player from your team. Find out all the information you can about them and present it in an interesting way.
Some ideas: Biography, poster, video explanation

Task 9
Create a mascot for your country. Make sure it represents your country in some way. Give it a catchy name. Insert a picture here with its name. Name: Beary

Task 10
Choose some data from this page and graph it in an appropriate graph. Make sure your information is correct and you give informative titles.

This is my RWC task. I tried hard to get this done. It was orange on the tracking sheet for a while!
I was learning about all the countries in the RWC. We had to do a task on them and this is it.

I chose my mascot because I like to draw and I like Ireland.
I chose graph because I like trying out new graphs!
I also chose the pic colage because I love creating!